Thursday, August 15, 2013

Facebook Credits gone after September 12th

Facebook is transitioning all payments from Facebook Credits to local currency. I believe this move makes complete sense and is long overdue. This could lead to Facebook becoming a "Paypal" type system which would only increase its value.

Here are the developers comments from Facebook.

We are transitioning all canvas game developers away from Facebook Credits to local currency payments by September 12, 2013, 90 days after breaking change announcement. The new payments system simplifies the purchase experience for users, improves the performance of the payment flow, and makes it easier for developers to price virtual goods for a global audience. For more information, please see our Local Currency Payments Overview.

Games on Facebook are typically built on a freemium model, allowing people to play for free and developers to generate revenue by selling virtual items or currency. Start building your business on Facebook with a fast, flexible, international and secure payments solution. Facebook Payments has:

A trusted brand

People on Facebook can feel comfortable storing their payment information with Facebook and buying with their Facebook credentials.
Facebook takes steps to ensure the payment experience is safe, secure and trustworthy.

Global reach

Facebook Payments is available internationally and supports 80+ payment methods in 55+ currencies.
By implementing a pricing strategy tailored to regional markets, you can optimize the performance of your business and create a native feeling user checkout experience.

Easy integration

Developers who use our Graph API and dialogs will already be familiar with our Payments API.
Comprehensive documentation, including a detailed how-to guideand a step-by-step tutorial can assist you in getting started quickly.

Additional features to help you increase revenue and improve conversion:


Expand beyond one-time payments with a new, recurring revenue stream from subscriptions. Entice new subscribers with a free trial and offer the renewal cycle that works for your game, whether that's weekly, monthly, or another time period. Game developers offering subscriptions have grown incremental revenue and increased engagement in their games.
See more at: Subscriptions Best Practices and Subscriptions How To

Payer conversion tools

Grow your revenue by taking advantage of features to help you convert players into payers. Specific features for mobile payments help you optimize your pricing and payment experience for people who want to charge purchases to their mobile phone bill.
See more at: How-to: Local Currency Payments - Mobile Pricing

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