Friday, October 18, 2013

Facebook IOS Update And Platform Update

The new update now allows the ability to edit post and add emoticons. There are a few other minor updates including privacy shortcuts and the ability to add photos to comments.

There was also some platform updating for payments.

Monetization Tips for Canvas

Now that all canvas developers are using our new payment system, we wanted to highlight a few important monetization best practices:
1. Encourage first time purchases. The payer promotions API is designed to help you convert people that haven't previously purchased virtual goods on Facebook. Facebook sponsors this feature, which lets you offer these people a discount on your game's virtual currency.
2. Monetize through offers. You can enable users to earn virtual currency by directly integrating with TrialPay for offers. A direct integration with TrialPay will allow for quicker load times, more specific reporting, and easier troubleshooting than before. For more information about offering reward based advertising, please visit TrialPay's Facebook Developer Center.
3. Streamline gift card redemption. You can now implement the Gift Card Dialog directly, to make it easy for people to buy your game’s in-app currency. Facebook Gift Cards are available in over 20 countries and in approximately 130,000 retail locations worldwide.

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