Thursday, November 7, 2013

Twitter Debuts Today

The much hyped and anticipated IPO is finally upon us. Twitter (TWTR) has listed its stock price at $26 dollars a share up from the price that was thought to be around $20 a share.

Now the question that everyone is asking is will this be another Facebook. I have an answer to that and more actually. I am going to predict what the Twitter stock will end at on the closing bell.

One moment while I get my secret weapon.
So, as I flip my penny in the air and call heads for up and tails for down I think about when I done this for Facebook last year. I nailed it last year with tails.

Tails again. Well, there you have folks, twitter will not do well today.

On a serious note, the volatility of the stock and the raising of their IPO price this week would suggest caution but I would predict a similar pace to Facebook only better.

So I am going with a slow first day but a great first year for Twitter. Wait one week and then buy strong wait 12 months and then sell. After you do this remember to send me some money.

Of course, I could be 100% wrong if so, blame the penny.

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