Friday, March 28, 2014

Google Stock To Split

On April 3rd Google will do a 2-1 split of their stock thus dropping their price in half.

With shares at $1130.00 per this is a smart move for them. This will make it more manageable for the common man to own at least 1 share.

Though with my incredible accuracy for picking what will happen to tech stocks I predict the following.

April 3rd Google Stock will drop in half as stated. Lets say $565 a share.

By April 11 the stock will be up around 5% from the split price.
By end of July the stock will be around 680 a share.
By end of December around 740 a share.
By April 3rd of 2015 Google will be around 890 a share.

Now, this is all my opinion but I tell you Google is a strong buy and has been for a long time.

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  1. So back in April Goog has split their stocks 2-1…. What benefit Google had after doing this act?