Monday, December 16, 2013

Google To Boost Advertising Appeal for YouTube, Google Plus

Google is boosting brand advertising appeal for YouTube and Google Plus says Angelina Bouc. All signs point to a significant growth in digital brand advertising. eMarketer advises the growth is expected to explode between 2014 through 2017, in the arena of up to $31 billion spent by advertisers. Currently, digital brand advertising sits at a modest and note-worthy $18 billion annually. Google alone collected over $5 billion in gross revenues for 2013 and is looking to increase that number.

An increase in interest, requires reorganization

To draw advertisers to their doors, Google is promoting a benefit not commonly seen by other platforms. For advertisers, being seen is key, a repetitive dance of “click me, buy me, use me.” Yet, many have faced stumbling blocks in the face of adblockers, which remove any point of contact between viewer and advertiser. It seems Google empathizes with their advertisers pain and decided to bump up one key feature. Advertisers will no longer have to pay for an ad that is purposely blocked by the viewer. Google will gather the information and formulate a price for the advertiser, sans adblockers.

This spark of creative genius could mean placing pressure on companies like Apple to do the same. By allowing the concept of true visual interaction, Google is boosting the brandadvertising appeal for both YouTube and Google Plus. Recently, the largest web search company split its ad business into two different divisions. One is focused on brand appeal, the second focuses on performance ads – calling forth the intrigue of advertisers around the globe. This sort of dedicated business acumen can be seen as a win-win situation for both advertisers and Google.

Digital brand advertising is good business for Google

While the biggest drive is defined on YouTube, Google is also promoting advertising spots with Google Plus and its Android mobile division. Head of sales and marketing for YouTube, Lucas Watson, is excited to embrace the aspect of digital brand advertising. He stated the move to correlate brands and Google is, “enormous” and he expects “massive growth” from the initiation of the digital advertising call-out.

YouTube is such a fundamental part of exposing brand advertising, because the sheer amount of users. More people are turning off their televisions and hitting online streaming. YouTube recently introduced a paid videos avenue, where users can watch some of their favorite movies, by paying a reduced cost. Much like HuluPlus and NetFlix, YouTube will be re-organizing its interface to appeal to advertisers.

In the new year, expect a visual change on YouTube’s site. Google is focusing on redesigning the access of videos, by separating them into genres; such as sports, health, comedy, etc. GroupM Global, the largest buyer of digital media is looking forward to the changes. Its chief digital officer, Rob Norman stated that YouTube will start to resemble “a cable TV line-up,” rather than the current setup, which can seem like a quagmire of videos for many users.

Previous to the changes, Google always held a firm stance against implementing tools like Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings. Now to boost their advertising appeal, it seems they are backtracking and opening the door to determine the measure of performance for advertisers. YouTube was once the stomping grounds of fun and interactive video play. It seems the need for advertising is becoming king of revenue and to participate, changes are coming.

From reducing the costs to advertisers if their ad is blocked, to reorganizing the interface, users will start to see a refreshed approach to how YouTube and Google Plus is handled. Google is looking to boost brand advertising appeal for those two outlets, significantly over the next year. The changes can certainly provide a point of serious digital, brand advertising for larger companies. What hasn’t been recognized is the consideration of current viewers and if the changes will start to re-categorize how user uploads are handled. The concept of change is a positive one, especially to compete in the digital market.

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