Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Would You Do?

There has been and still is a ton of talk about employers asking potential employees during an interview about their Social Media habits.

Some employers are even asking for their username and password so they can login and see what they are doing.

So let me pose this question for thought.

Your in the middle of the interview, knocking it out of the ballpark, feeling really good about how things are going, then the interviewer turns the monitor around so you can see it and says, "As you can see this is the Facebook login page." "We found your Facebook page but it is marked private so I need your username and password so we can see what you post."

What would you do?

I have seen many humorous answers but I want everyone to consider what would you say?
I seen great answers in my search but the best one I've seen is this one.

Accessing my Facebook account is tantamount to asking for information such as age, marital status, sexual orientation, etc that are attached to my profile, and which you are not permitted to ask me about in an interview. Therefore, I must conclude that current law makes it illegal for you to request my login information.

I have to say that I would deny them access to my account.

Someone I knew told me one day that his company set up a new social media policy that you can't do this or can't post that. They way the company wrote the policy it took away any freedom he had about posting on anything.

He then did something very funny. He unfriended everyone that he worked with and then sent out a company wide email.

He said I have unfriended all employees of ***** that was on my Facebook account so nobody has to see me violate the new social media policy.


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