Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Than Privacy Controls, Facebook Needs Our Trust To Keep Growing

Here is the link to the full story.

If you don’t trust Facebook, you might keep an account, but you won’t share as much. So Facebook is aiming to educate users about privacy in the hopes that they’ll keep doubling the amount they share each year and uphold Zuckerberg’s Law. Facebook privacy can’t just be “good enough.” It needs us confident in our control, because as it runs low on people to sign up, attracting more data is the main way it will grow.
At this point, having a Facebook account is basically a requirement for staying in touch with friends and being on the Internet. Sure you could delete your account, but people who would have messaged, wall posted, or invited you to events won’t always go the extra mile to contact you some other way. You’d also be unable to sign up for many services, or otherwise have to endure manual sign-up flows and unpersonalized, unsocial experiences.

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