Monday, February 24, 2014

More Changes From LinkedIn

As I stated in another blog, LinkedIn is continuing to turn out new features to their platform amiss the on going drop in their stock. The newest feature is "Who viewed your Profile?"

Here is what LinkedIn had to say about this newest feature.

Wouldn't it be great if someone could tell you that just by adding a photo to your profile or sharing a specific article with your LinkedIn network, your LinkedIn Profile would be 11x more likely to be viewed and potentially attract more professional opportunities your way? Well, I’m happy to say that starting today, it will be available to you – on LinkedIn.

We’re pleased to introduce the new Who’s Viewed Your Profile – packed with new visual analytics and actionable insights designed to give you more ways to manage your professional identity and increase your visibility across LinkedIn.

As one of the most popular destinations on LinkedIn, Who’s Viewed Your Profile has always given members a way to discover new opportunities and be discovered by others – but we knew the full potential hadn't been unlocked. Today we’re giving you the key with access to more data driven insights such as the industry your viewers work in, the keyword searches that led to your profile, how they found you and new insights including what regions they live in, what profession they are in and what company they work for. This will help you quickly identify trends and enable you to align your professional brand with your professional goals.

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