Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winning With Google+

JOSIC MEDIA says when Google first introduced Google+, they wanted it to become a thriving social media network comparable to Facebook, and that simply did not happen. However, that does not mean Google+ doesn’t have value as a social network. Google+ has developed into a professional network. It may be better than LinkedIn because it’s user friendly and easy to navigate and there’s a night and day difference between G+ and Facebook.

While those at Google might be disappointed with the outcome, users aren’t. According to Matthew Ingram, a writer on GigaOM, “Google’s vision is of a Facebook-style network that encompasses hundreds of millions of people and a broad range of activities. The problem is that no one seems to want that except Google.”

Here are 4 reasons Google+ is an ideal platform for generating traffic to your website.

1. You can email users whether you have their email address or not. One of the challenges internet marketers face is getting people visiting their website to actually subscribe to their email list. Google+ bypasses that need and allows you to directly market to all users.

2. Google+ offers interest-specific communities. There is no need to market to people who have little or no interest in your niche. You can join communities of people who are directly interested in or associated with your niche. This saves time and energy on social marketing.

3. Google+ Hangouts may valuable. Google+ Hangouts allow you to set up sessions where you can communicate directly with clients or leads. Large companies like Best Buy have recently utilized Google+ Hangouts and are finding success.

4. Google+ Authorship is increasing more important to SEO. Although there are multiple search engines, Google has risen to a position where they essentially make the rules regarding SEO and everyone has to follow them. Google algorithms can effectively make sure a website is never found in the search engine if it does not follow the rules. It makes sense that Google would show SEO preference to those that are also active on Google+.

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