Thursday, February 6, 2014

Your Movie On Facebook Lookback

Yes, I freely admit this.. I am a softy.

I cry on sad parts during movies whether they are real life or cartoon. (c'mon people, who didn't cry when Mufasa died in Lion King or when Optimus Prime died in 1986)

Now, it seems Facebook wants to tug on my heart strings again with this 10 year anniversary movie clip.

What they have done is take your most liked posts and pictures and other random pics and put them into a 62 second clip with some soft piano music. Now, I understand that not all videos will be heartmelting but mine is. Well, at least to me it is.

If you are on Facebook then you are seeing a ton of these in your news feed by now. Watch them.

If you do not know how to share yours it is simple.
Go to

It will auto load your video and then you can share it with your friends. Kleenex's optional.

Here is mine

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