Friday, April 19, 2013

LinkedIn rolls out new, personalized mobile app

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LinkedIn wants to give its mobile app a spark, and the social network is doing so by simplifying and customizing it to individually fit each of its users.
The business-focused social network rolled out the major app update late Wednesday night. The updated app features an overhauled design and minimized build that's intended to let users access as many features as possible with as few finger taps as necessary.
"We designed with one key core principle in mind: having all the stuff you care about one tap away from you," said Tomer Cohen, a LinkedIn senior product manager and mobile phone lead.
This is LinkedIn's first major mobile app redesign in more than a year and a half, so the company said it wanted to give users the best experience. That meant creating an algorithm that figures out what parts of the app each individual user uses most. Based on that, the app will arrange its sections to best fit each user's way of handling the app. Users can also customize the app's sections themselves to fit however they want it to.
"We did the work understanding what you like most about LinkedIn," Cohen said Wednesday in a phone interview. 
Additionally, the app's main stream has been redesigned to show users more content and information than before. Now, users can invite and follow others or like, share and comment on posts from the center stage, unlike the previous version of the app.
The updated app can be downloaded now for both iPhoneand Android users

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