Friday, April 19, 2013

Twitter Goes To Good Morning America To Confirm Twitter #Music, Aiming Straight For The Mainstream

The link to the full story is here

Word of a standalone music service out of Twitter has been floating around for a week or so, but today the company took to the Good Morning America show to officially announcethe service, comprised of both a web platform and an iOS app.
Twitter Music, as it were, is the brainchild ofWe Are Hunted, a startup quietly acquired by Twitter just last year. The app pulls in music from Rdio, Spotify and iTunes, while using data from your Twitter follower graph to deliver the best possible music for you.
If you have an Rdio or Spotify account, you can sign into them within the app and stream full tracks for your listening pleasure. If not, you’ll still have access to an iTunes preview to discover great new music.
What’s interesting is that Twitter is aiming straight for the mainstream with this launch, as opposed to targeting its usual early-adopter crowd. GMA reaches a huge audience every morning, and Rdio and Spotify have some of the biggest followings in the music streaming world.
By pulling in their offerings, not only does Twitter get a mainstream launch for its new mainstream media (music discovery) app, but Spotify and Rdio get to expand their audiences within the Twitter ecosystem.
Twitter Music seems to feel like a lot of other music apps while still being slightly unique from all of them. It’s broken down into four tabs: Suggested, #NowPlaying, Popular, and Emerging. The latter two simply pull in info from We Are Hunted’s platform to determine what’s trending and display up-and-coming artists.

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