Monday, January 6, 2014

I Love Roller Coasters

If you are like me then you love a good roller coaster.
If however, you buy stock then Twitter (TWTR) might not be the one for you right now.

The stock has had an unreal ride in 2013 surging to an all time high of $74.73 gaining 3 to 5% daily it seemed. Now comes the coaster ride though after Morgan Stanley cut the stock to "downgrade" Twitter has been losing ground.

As I write this blog I am watching the stock on my second monitor and it has dropped 1%.
For the day Twitter is down over 4%. I would expect this drop to continue this week to a final bell on Friday of around $55-59.

But then again, if I could predict stock I would be writing this blog on the beaches of sunny Hawaii instead of in my house with outside temperatures at 10 and wind chills at -10 below.

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