Tuesday, January 21, 2014

YouTube Comments Appearing On Google+ Has An Opt Out

I admit this freely. I am a YouTube junkie. As someone who works on a PC 8-10 hours a day I need something extra to keep me going. YouTube is my Red Bull my Five Hour Energy. I listen and sing all day to music from YouTube. And yes, if my walls had ears they would bleed.

After the latest move from Google where they shared what you post on YouTube to your Google+ account, that kinda turned me off from making any posts on YouTube.

Today though I could not help myself and had to post a comment after listening to a song by an non mainstream artist. ( Shameless Plug For That Artist )
When I started to post I noticed a little pop up under the comment field in YouTube that was not there last week.

Notice the check box. The feedback was highly unpopular for Google doing this to begin with. I am glad to see that they gave users the option to NOT SHARE every comment they post.

Kudos Google for making that change.

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