Friday, January 10, 2014

Seeking Employment? Give Me Your Facebook ID And Password First

It would appear that certain employers are requesting your Facebook login credentials so they can look at your account in full. Are you kidding me??

What kind of ludicrous crap is this anyway? As someone who has worked in computer security for over a decade I find this as offensive as someone trying to read my mail or stealing my identity. It would appear that some employers do not think so.

Virginia State Police requires that an applicant login to their social media account with someone watching them so they can read and see what they have said. They consider this a "background check"

"The social media aspect is just one small part of a very complex process that takes place, and when you're entrusting an individual with the powers to enforce the law, we are going to make sure that we have vetted this person thoroughly," says spokesperson Corinne Geller.

Geller added that this part of the background check is optional (although nobody has ever refused), and denying access is "not an automatic disqualifier."

Well it may not be an automatic disqualifier but I wonder how many have been hired without doing it.

Privacy cannot be skewed in any form. My Social Media accounts are mine. Not my employer, not my Mothers or Fathers, not the Police and not even the NSA.

The world use to hire people before social media. I wonder if they ask people to bring their mail in or record their phone calls.

Click on this LINK to see what your state has in place to protect you from this.

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