Thursday, March 7, 2013

Facebook Event Thoughts March 7th 2013

The Facebook event focused on three things.

Richer Stories.
Different Feeds the user can choose.
Mobile Inspired Consistent UI.

The News Feed change is quite drastic from what we see today. The ability to get rid of the clutter and choose what we want to see will be a fresh much needed change to the news feed. 
You will be able to select friends feed, close friends feed, photos from friends, music etc and only see that. The feed will be larger and more dynamic with integration of maps. ( I wonder what map feed they will use, Google?) For instance, if I go to a restaurant and make a post about how good it is. A map will also direct my friends to this place. 

My personal favorite is the removal of redundant posts from friends. Example. 
How many friends post funny videos that have went viral?  With the new feed there will be a video with friend comments on it. You will be able to scroll over your friends to see what they have said about the video. This will remove a ton of clutter from the feed. Cause "ain't nobody got time for that" 

Love the mobile consistency  Always one of my personal beefs was the mobile app was just not close enough to the real thing. Having a consistent UI is always a good idea. 

Something I thought was a little strange was the shout out to Pinterest and making their photo and stories more vibrant and richer like them. I can't help but think that within the year Facebook will purchase Pinterest.

This is a HUGE change to the core of Facebook. This rolls out TODAY slowly with full roll-out taking shape over the next several weeks. The mobile will roll out slower then that.

All in all I think this is a great move for Facebook and really should help to make things easier for the general user.

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