Friday, March 22, 2013

Linkedin Changes.

The link to the full story is here

So far, the new LinkedIn look is receiving a myriad of mixed reviews. Anything from "hey this is good!" to the coming of the zombie Apocalypse. But the best review by far is by Viveka von Rosen.
Here is a sample of the changes.

Homepage Tab

The homepage is pretty much the same. Except now instead of the full LinkedIn logo, it’s just the blue LinkedIn logo. But it takes you to the same place.

Profile Tab

Under ‘Profile’ you’ll notice we’ve lost the drop down box. Meaning you have to edit and view your profile from the same place. So just click on ‘Profile’, and it will open up in view profile. Click the ‘edit’ button on the snapshot, and have at it. You might also notice we lost the profile organizer and recommendations links from beneath the Profile menu tab.
The profile organizer can now be found when you click on “‘Contacts’ under ‘Network’.  Recommendations can be found in the drop-down box to the right of the ‘Edit’ button.

Network Tab

LinkedIn collapsed the ‘Contacts’ menu tab and the ‘Groups’ menu tab into a new tab called ‘Network’. This actually makes sense to me.
Once you click on those links it looks the same as before.
It is kind of a bummer that you can no longer see the groups you were following right under one tab. If you want to find your groups - got to the Groups page.  To or search for groups you just have to do it in the search box.

Career Tab

LinkedIn collapsed ‘Jobs’ and ‘Companies’ under the ‘Career’ tab.
Mostly you’re losing those lovely drop-down boxes that allowed you to easily see the jobs you were saving and the companies you were following.
My biggest complaint about this is that my Company Page isn’t listed there to easily click on. I have to do a search. I have to go into Companies and either click on the Companies I’m following, or start typing in my company name.

Search Box

The search box is still the same but upfront and center.
Where the drop-down box used to give you names, now it gives you get logos and names. So just get familiar with them.
The advanced search is still available when you are on your ‘Home’ or your ‘Profile’ tab.

Inbox “Envelope”

Your inbox is now underneath the dark grey envelope on the rightish side of your menu tab. So go ahead and click on that envelope and it will take you both to your ‘Invitations’ and your ‘Messages’. Once you’ve clicked on the envelope, the inbox screen looks the same.

Notifications Flag

Notifications are the same, but the flag is bigger and off to the right of your menu bar.

Add Connections Icon

The green ‘Add Connections’ link is gone. In its place a tiny silhouette of a man with a plus sign next to it. This is extremely confusing because on most social media sites that’s actually your profile button.
Click on the little +guy and “old” connections screen pops up.
Remember, if you want to invite people by individual email, you just have to click on the ‘Other’ envelope.

Account and Settings Avatar

Accounts and Settings is new to LinkedIn. To find this section, scroll over the tiny picture of yourself on the right-hand side of the screen.
When you scroll over that picture you can:
  • Sign out of your account
  • Upgrade your account
  • Change the language of your account
  • Go to your privacy and settings area (old settings)
  • Go to the help center (this is new)
  • Post a job

Personally, I think they should have left it alone. I believe it will be harder for employers to find potential employees.

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