Monday, March 4, 2013

Google Muscles Further Into Paid Discovery Of Apps With New Focus On Click-To-Download Mobile Ads

The link to the full story is here

The app stores are overrun, and there’s little way to get noticed until you break into the charts. So Google just announced it’s making it easier to buy an AdWords unit called “Click-To-Download” mobile ads that lead directly to iTunes and Google Play. With a similar design to Facebook’s app ads, Google is reaching out its hand for a cut of the paid discovery market emerging as every company in the world goes mobile.

How are the big ad platforms going to stay afloat as users shift from the full-sized web to the small screen? Less room to show ads and reluctance to tap in payment information to make purchases mean traditional advertising models fail on mobile.

But there’s one type of conversion that’s much easier on the go and that advertisers are willing to pay for: app installs.

As most smartphone users already have their credit card information stored with Apple or Google, ads that instantly open their app stores can quickly show a return on investment. Either people buy a paid app with a simple touch and perhaps an entry of their password, seamlessly make in-app physical or digital purchases later, or view more ads in the app that pay out to the developer. Advertisers love obvious ROI, and that’s what they get from paid app discovery.

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