Monday, January 28, 2013

3 Ways Facebook Graph Search Could Transform Recruiting

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Word-of-mouth. When it comes to recruiting, these three words say it all. There is simply no better source of talent than your own network. But imagine you could move beyond your closest friends and colleagues to harness your entire Facebook network for recommendations for whom to hire for an open position with your company. Well, you soon can.

Following on the heels of its much-anticipated job board, Facebook’s Graph Search allows users to get recommendations from the people they trust on things like which restaurant to visit next, who to hire and where to find their next career opportunity. Consumers can use Graph Search to discover new people, places and products that align with their interests, while businesses can use it to connect with their likely potential customers.

So how, exactly, can recruiters and job seekers use Graph Search? Below are the top three ways we predict Facebook’s newest tool will transform talent acquisition for the better — along with our recommendations for how companies and candidates can start preparing to take advantage of these changes while Graph Search is still in beta.

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