Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Facebook takes on Google with Graph Search

The link to the full story is here

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced Graph Search at a press event today at the company's Menlo Park headquarters.
Graph Search is the social network's response to its massive base of 1 billion users, 240 billion photos, and 1 trillion connections. The tool is meant to provide people the answers to their to their questions about people, photos, places, and interests.
People can use the structured search tool to resurface old memories, find people in their network, and uncover connections. The service incorporates various filters such as place type, liked by, and visited by friends to make locating things faster. You can refine search queries with more advance filters to get better answers.
One example demonstrated was a very specific search for "Friends of my friends who are single male San Francisco,Calif." That refined query returned a select group of people who fit the criteria. Apart from personal use cases, Graph Search can be used for dating and recruiting purposes, which could make the product a potential challenger to LinkedIn and various dating sites that incorporate social network profiles.
But the personal use cases do abound. A query for "photos of my friends before 1990," for instance, popped up a number of cute kid photos, including a shot of Sheryl Sandberg from 1972.

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