Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Join us Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT for Facebook's press event (live blog)

Link to full story is here

Give Facebook this much: They know how to bait a hook.
After sending out a media invitation last week to "Come and See What We're Building," we're all chomping at the bit to learn more. Many on Wall Street believe this is going to be a Very Big Deal in the company's ongoing efforts to better monetize its billion-plus users.
Is it a phone? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last summer denied that was in the works. But it's possible. Is it a new building? Nobody cares. How about something tied to search? That's possible.
Whatever the case, Facebook's tantalizing tease was enough to add another 9 percent last week to the stock, which was already in a months-long rebound from its $17.55 September trough. (Facebook went public at $38 a share.) Now we're about to learn what Zuckerberg has up his hoodie.

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