Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twitter Currently Experiencing Widespread, Rolling Service Outage

The link to the full story is here

Twitter has now updated its service status page to acknowledge the issue, saying “some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter,” and noting that its engineers are working to resolve the problem.

Twitter is currently experiencing a widespread service outage that appears to be intermittent, according to our checks with the web client, third-party apps and website service status checking tools. Other TC staff are able to access the service on and off every few minutes, but it seems like the stream is interrupted, and third-party clients like Tweetbot still appear to be having trouble connecting at all, although they’re still able to send and receive direct messages.

There’s nothing yet on Twitter’s own service status page, but the generally dependable DownForEveryoneOrJustMe seems to think that it’s having problems, as does Based on our information, it looks like the outages began appearing around 20 minutes or so ago, and are affecting users globally. The fail whale is coming up when we try to visit, with a message saying the service is “over capacity.” The fail whale is showing up around the world, as this screen from german reader Stefanie Kreiselmeyer proves:

While service appears to be still flickering in and out with bursts of tweets, the outage has been more or less going strong for around an hour now. Still no additional details from Twitter on the cause.

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