Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Facebook's New Graph Search Means for Your Privacy

Link to the full story is here

Facebook on Tuesday introduced "Graph Search," a new search technology that will allow users to find content based on certain criteria — "tourist attractions in Italy visited by my friends," for example.

Graph Search almost immediately sparked questions about user privacy. What will Graph Search mean for your Facebook privacy?

People will be able to use Graph Search to find any content that you already share with them. Uploaded some public, geo-tagged photos of the Empire State Building? They're Graph Searchable by anyone and everyone. Like "Toy Story 3?" If your likes are public, that like is Graph Searchable by all. Checked-in to Golden Gate Park, but you have your privacy set so only friends can see your check-ins? That's Graph Searchable, but only by your friends. And so on.

Ultimately, any of your content that could be discovered before Graph Search will be discoverable after Graph Search, and it will not cause any content to be revealed that wasn't already accessible.

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