Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook Graph Search Could Be Its Greatest Innovation

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If you ever used it, you know Facebook Search barely counts as such. It’s absolutely awful. As of Tuesday, however, it’s about to go from zero to hero.

To understand how fundamentally better Facebook’s new Graph Search will be, just spend five minutes using the current excuse of a search engine. Yes, that’s right, it stinks.

Sure, there’s some word-wheeling in there — where suggested results start appearing as soon as you type a few letters — but the quality of the results ain't great. it’s just an endless number of Facebook pages that have little relation to your query.

When I type in "friends in NY", my top result is "Best Friends Animal society – New York City." Second is "Friends in Deed." Scrolling through all the results, there’s nothing that relates to me or my existence on Facebook.

Facebook’s Graph Search, though I hate the name, promises to change all that. Based on what we learned today, I’m inclined to believe it.

Graph Search uses all that data we've been pouring into Facebook for the last eight years — all that wonderful structured data — and lets you search against it in pretty much any way you can imagine.

According to Facebook’s promotional video and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation, you can type in real-world, real-language questions you might ask for instant and useful answers.

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