Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apple Pulls Vine From App Store’s Featured Section After Porn Showed Up In Editors’ Picks

The link to the full story is here

While Apple hasn’t made a peep yet about Vine’s slight porn problem, the App Store has removed the video-sharing app from its Featured Section.

The app launched on Thursday, and found itself in the Featured section of the App Store by Friday. Since, it’s swung to the top of Social in the App Store, and has climbed to the number four free app overall.

But this morning, many new Viners woke up to something unexpected in the Editors’ Picks section of the app: a hardcore porn clip titled “Dildoplay.” In turn, it would appear that the App Store has removed the app from the Featured section of the store. Most apps that get chosen by Apple spend at least a full week in the user funnel known as “Featured.”

However, the App Store’s original tweet, featuring the app as an Editors’ Pick is still up:

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