Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twelephone Is A Telephone That Connects To Your Twitter Feed And Your Customers

The link to the full story is here

Twelephone is a new service for making calls right from your Twitter account. The service is one of the first to use the new WebRTC standard, which allows for real-time communication in the Chrome browser via JavaScript APIs.

The enterprise will serve as Twelephone’s business model. The idea: a customer with a problem with a product or service gets reached through Twitter. The consumer gets a voice or video call by clicking on a link in a tweet.

WebRTC will soon be available on Firefox and Opera. Microsoft says it is on their roadmap. Apple has not said if WebRTC will be supported in Safari. With WebRTC, Twelephone Founder Chris Matthieu says his service can capture the microphone and camera on a user’s computer — all on high-definition audio and video without the middleman. No Flash is needed. Instead, the P2P network offers the capability to create data channels, such as audio and video, instant messaging, and file transfers. It provides a secure, encrypted connection.

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