Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Facebook milks Super Bowl mania to strut its football savvy

The link to the full story is here

Super Bowl season is upon us, which amounts to television ads we might actually enjoy, too many men wearing makeup (a.k.a. face paint), and a ton of data mining on the social Web.
Far be it from Facebook to miss a golden opportunity to tell the world, particularly advertisers and marketers, how much it knows about us and our National Football League preferences. The social network's data science team has uncovered a few interesting bits about Facebook and football. Basically, we love to like our favorite teams.
Roughly 35 million Facebook users in the U.S. have liked the Facebook Page of an NFL football team, which according to Facebook, amounts to one in 10 Americans voicing their support for one of the 32 teams. And, apparently, we're all linked through our connection to Cowboys or Steelers fans, who make the most common friends of football fans on Facebook.

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